About Us


Paddle was born from the growing need for a platform to bring together all the information to plan the perfect houseboat holiday. We strive to make holidays hassle-free by presenting a curated selection of tested and proven houseboats. We provide detailed information on the features and facilities of each boat, and activities that are on offer, based on your budget. Paddle goes to great lengths to ensure that you are provided with all the information that you need to choose the right boat to make your experience truly memorable.

About Kerala

Kerala – the very name evokes an image of swaying coconut palms that flank sunny beaches, thickly wooded highlands, lush green paddy fields, serpentine rivers, lagoons and waterways that are the lifeblood of this small state at the southwestern tip of India. The wealth that Nature has bestowed on Kerala is the reason that travellers and traders from all over the world arrived on our shores throughout our long history. Our exemplary hospitality to visitors has allowed Kerala to evolve into a culturally rich and vibrant society. Kerala’s cuisine is now well known and enjoyed widely. Paddle offers travellers the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty, the scrumptious food and a glimpse into the life of those that live and thrive on the backwaters of Kerala.